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Why did you choose to work with Johnny?
Johnny's knowledge and guidance throughout the process. His knowledge of Davis requirements for the sale of homes in Davis as well as contacts needed to repair the home was invaluable.
Barbara V.

I had been following Johnny's work in real estate, open houses and the monthly list of homes available that he sent out though email.
James S.

I've been in Davis for 50 years and have observed his work over the years.
Donna P.

I had seen his advertisements several times. Also, my son spoke with him and thought he would be good to work with.
Marian S.

We met Johnny at an open house. He gave us some hand-outs, which turned out to be very helpful and informative. That's how we started to know him.
Che Y.

Johnny was recommended by my colleague whom described him as "the best agent in the world". I could not agree with my colleague more.
Ken L.

Pure Luck! Saw a property on the internet couldn't have worked out better.
Brian S.

We met Johnny at an open house; he was friendly, open and honest. He never pushed himself on us. On the contrary, he was genuinely helpful and never suggested or made us feel we should work with him. We were immediately taken with his sincerity and positive attitude and professional manner.
Alan S

We bought and sold through Johnny before and knew what we are getting. Simple "The Best".
Marlene B

We chose to work with Johnny (compared to others we met) because he was punctual, listened and answered comments appropriately, did not pressure us into buying and went out of his way to make sure all of ours needs were met.
Henry V

I have known and worked with Johnny for many years. I personally recommended my boyfriend use Johnny as I think he is the best agent.
Cristina P

He was holding an open house and was the most helpful realtor that we had seen over the prior few weeks.
Sharol M
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